The Bridge School Open Access Fair

Over the past weekend I attended the Bridge School’s open access fair held at the San Francisco State University (SFSU) campus. These fairs allow you to intermingle with professionals, peers, children and parents to share information and personal experiences while getting hands on time with the latest in Assistive Technology (AT) and augmentative & alternative means of communication (AAC) devices.

Present at the fair were various state-of-the art assistive devices along with specialized software, equipment and adapted toys and games. Collectively this hardware and software encourage learning, participation and communication.

I was pleasantly surprised to see staff members of the Bridge School sporting iPads. Although new to them staff members were excited and encouraged over the success of these devices in the short period of time they had used them.

I have been using the iTouch and the iPad for the past three years and have personally seen amazing results when used with the proper app. So, when an institution like the Bridge School starts to use them it not only encourages me but affirms that I have been in the right track.

My colleagues and I were more than thrilled to be able to share the information we have gathered the past 3 years using both the iPad and iTouch. We talked Apps, we talked accessories but most of all we talked about children and the success achieved using the iPad and iTouch. It was a wonderful and encouraging day.

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