Vast Autism 1-core

Video Assisted Speech Technology

Introducing a new therapy technique that is producing remarkable results for individuals with autism and motor speech disorders such as apraxia. The VAST technique was originally pioneered at the Stroke Comeback Center and has been instrumental in helping stroke patients, “find their voice.”

The VAST technique was adapted to fit the needs of students with autism after witnessing the profound effect the VAST videos have with individuals on the spectrum. Two highly effective modes of learning, video modeling and visual language (literacy), are combined with auditory cues to support the acquisition of spoken language for individuals with autism and motor speech disorders. Initial pilot studies have produced impressive results for both non-verbal students and individuals with emerging verbal language. Many students who were essentially non-verbal are now able to produce words and phrases. At the very least, students are focusing their attention on the articulators (mouth) when communicating verbally.

We are actively seeking comments, questions input to continue making this product as valuable as possible in supporting speech in apraxic students with autism. Look for future updates based on user comments and ongoing research.

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