Animal Assisted Therapy – with Buttercup

“One of the most fundamental advantages of animal assisted therapy over other therapeutic modalities is that it provides the patient a much-needed opportunity to give affection as well as receive it. It is this reciprocity – rare among medical therapies – that makes AAT a unique, and valuable route to healing”

-Dr. Andrew Weil

The human animal bond is a mutually beneficial one; each influences the psychological and the physiological state of the other.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is one of the many way animals help people. In this environment animals aid in promoting health, hope and healing. For children with special needs, interacting with an animal, whether a dog, cat, pig or any other furry friend can have a positive impact not only in a therapy session but in their quality of life as well.

Buttercup is my 2-year-old potbelly pig. He plays an important part in many of my therapy sessions. He has been a motivator in the therapy environment, because of this my clients stay on task, initiate and maintain communication – making goals attainable in a shorter time.

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