iTherapy– Making an Impact

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Irene is making her first attempts at speech with the VAST Autism Core-1 App

Technology has allowed us to create VAST Autism Core-1, an app that supports non-verbal students with autism and other developmental disabilities learn how to use speech. Irene is one of many non-verbal students with autism who are now attempting vocalizations and making verbal approximations of words on a daily basis after using the video modeling techniques from VAST Autism. Irene’s mom reported in a recent IEP, “She never tried to talk before and now she is moving her mouth and attempting to say words.” Irene’s teacher says, “She now looks at my mouth and face and maintains eye contact while I am talking to her.”

Irene has been using VAST Autism for a few short weeks and a verbal speech goal was added to her IEP.

Way to go Irene!!

VAST Autism Core–1 is available at the App Store


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