iTherapy-Building a Foundation for Language and Learning

Cindy is an extremely active 8 year old. It is challenging for her to focus on any activity for more than 30 seconds. Most of her day is spent galloping, climbing, running and seeking sensory input, because of this, traditional therapies have had limited if any success.

Technology’s inherent interactive capabilities is one of the reasons Cindy today can sit for up to 40 minutes focused and engaged on a variety of therapeutic Apps. This has allowed us to compile a group of Apps that are designed to build pre-language skills and a strong foundation for learning. Cindy has learned to navigate cause and effect Apps, attempts to use words and sing with programs like VAST Autism and VAST Songs 1. She has also increased her spontaneous sharing experience with others.

We are excited for the possibilities the future holds for Cindy.

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VAST Autism Core Testimonials

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VAST Autism Core

Since its release several months ago, VAST Autism Core has yielded better than expected results with students and patients across a wide variety of settings in particular individuals who have profound challenges and have had limited success with traditional modes of therapy; it has become a tremendous asset to educators and therapists alike

Listen to first hand testimonials from educators and therapists on the amazing results they’ve experienced using VAST Autism Core.

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