VAST Autism 1- core gets a mirror feature

NEW Mirror feature promotes oral motor sequencing and self-monitoring

Using a mirror while practicing speech sounds provides crucial visual feedback to help individuals improve their muscle coordination and sequencing for speech.

Virtually all research has found that visual input is the most important source of feedback for individuals with apraxia of speech. This means that individuals should focus on how to produce the target sounds/words from a model and then observe and monitor their own attempts by using a mirror.

Within the VAST Autism app, a mirror icon is given that allows either the educator/therapist or individual to access this feature at appropriate times for self-monitoring and/or reinforcement. Results from clinical trials using the mirror feature after students have completed watching a VAST video have shown – students will intuitively practice what has just been modeled on the iPad and make an attempt to duplicate the target word(s).

Furthermore, clinical trials have shown that students are highly interested in the mirror and motivated to complete the task and gain access to this exciting new feature.

VAST Autism 1-core is available on the App Store

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