Craig Evans from Autism Hangout and Lois Talk Apps for Autism

Like always, it was a pleasure to speak with Craig Evans.

This time we discussed two books: Apps for Autism and SPEAK, MOVE, PLAY and LEARN with CHILDREN on the AUTISM SPECTRUM

As a Speech Pathologist I work with many students with different challenges and different abilities. Through trial and error I have been able to find methods that help my students succeed in their respective goals.

When the iPod Touch was first introduced I decided to give it a try as an AT device. My students’ interest in the device was immediate, as you know; getting our students attention is the key to success. At the time I was beta testing Proloquo2Go and although my students’ interest was high many had a difficult time manipulating the iTouch due to its size.

When the iPad was announced, I pre-ordered mine. I knew I the iPad was going to be something potentially big. If the success I had with the iPod Touch was any kind of indication, I knew the iPad and its size would allow more accessibility to other students, so I hoped.

When the iPad arrived, I quickly familiarized myself with it. Apps were not as plentiful as today but, I loaded a few to test with my students. Since then the iPad has become an indispensible tool, not only in the special needs community but in the general population.

In the book Apps for Autism I share hundreds of Apps that I have successfully used in many circumstances. I explain what to use them for e.g. language comprehension, concept development and how to use them, their drawbacks if any and tips to overcome these drawbacks.

The second book, SPEAK, MOVE, PLAY and LEARN with CHILDREN on the AUTISM SPECTRUM incorporates two disciplines to enhance therapy outcomes. This book is packed with activities that I Personally use to achieve pre-set goals. The book is geared towards parents, caregivers and educators.

This second book deserves a blog of its own. Look for the blog in the coming days.

If you have any success stories, please share them with us.

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