Apps for Autism Highlights “Video Scheduler”

Video Scheduler              By: MDR


From The Developer

Scheduler offers a variety of features in an easy to use interface allowing maximum customization. These features include various orientation locks, which prevent students from engaging in stimulatory behaviors with the video. Users can also select from three video and picture sizes. There’s also a pass code function, which can be applied to prevent users from skipping around to preferred aspects of their schedule.

From The Customer

Research has shown us that students with autism can acquire skills in daily living, social interactions, communication, behavior management and functional academics through video modeling. Now we have a powerful tool available at our fingertips to use in everyday real-life situations. Video Scheduler app takes visual supports to the next level by adding a video component that lets users embed audio-visual prompts into a schedule or modeling sequence. Video modeling supports can be made on-the-spot and replayed almost instantly to support and reinforce the acquisition of new skills. The developers have added several features to reduce stimulatory behaviors and ensure all steps in the schedule are completed in the order presented.

The video component of Video Scheduler will only work with iDevices that have the camera feature. Picture schedules can be made on iDevices without the camera feature.

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