Apps for Autism Hightlights “The GripCase”

$39.99 (iPad)

$34.99 (iPad 2)

From the Developer

For your educational environment, there is no better iPad case. The Gripcase is virtually “student proof,” comprised of lightweight, shock-absorbent material that is also abrasion and tear resistant, bacteria resistant and washable. And, with ergonomic grips and handles, students can easily operate and transport their iPad.

From the Customer

I love my GripCase, it looks after my iPad better than any other case on the market. It features a bumper/crumple zone around the perimeter of the iPad protecting it from accidental drops and not so accidental tosses. The bumpers double up as ergonomic grips that enable almost anyone to keep a firm grip while using the iPad. The lightweight “Croc” material will keep your iPad safe from everything except sharp blows directly to the face of the Pad. As a therapist, I feel much less apprehensive about letting my students walk around with my iPad and my heart does not skip a beat when I see my new iPad 3 teetering on the edge of a desk.

Sure, you can’t use charging trays with the grip case. You’ll have to run an individual wire to each iPad or take them out of the case every time you want to use a charging tray. But, that is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get knowing that, if your iPad is dropped or tossed it will live to see another day.

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