Apps for Autism Highlights “Draw and Tell”

Draw and Tell             By: Duck Duck Moose


From The Developer

Draw or color, add stickers, then talk about your drawing. Move the stickers to create an animation! Your memories and voice recording will be saved with your drawing.

From The Customer

Draw and Tell takes the creativity of the drawing app up a notch. Now you can use your iPad to craft works of art; using a wide array of colors, coloring pages, free draw, patterns, specialty crayons and/or stickers that can be animated as you are telling a story. You can also add audio to your story, save it to photo album and then share it with the world.

Draw and Tell gives students a means of sharing information and ideas with others, in school, home and in the community. Self-expression is central to quality of life and essential to learning (National Standards for English- Language Arts).

Speech Therapists and Educators can use Draw and Tell to promote descriptive language, labeling, story (re)telling, concepts, generalization and communication with caregivers.

Occupational Therapists can use Draw and Tell to encourage fine motor coordination, finger isolation, grasp (stylus) and the occupations of playing & learning.

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