Apps for Autism Highlights- iballz

By:Friendly Integration LLC

iBallz cost: $24.55
Bags and cases range from $27.99-$39.95

From The Developer

iBallz Original is a shock-absorbing harness for Apple iPad (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation). Four shock-absorbing balls fit over the corners of your iPad and are held in place by an adjustable elastic cord. Easy to attach and remove, iBallz provide ultimate drop protection without adding weight or concealing your iPad. Dropped from any angle, it never touches the floor and is elevated above spills and sticky surfaces.

From The Customer

Simple, yet effective and functional iBallz protects your iPad from tumbles and drops with four lightweight balls held in place with an adjustable bungee cord. This makes a striking visual impression that generates curiosity and draws student’s attention to the iDevice. And yes, they can survive a drop. Since using iBallz my iPad has made it unharmed through multiple accidental falls and spills.

Initially, I thought my students would pull the balls off or focus their attention on playing with the balls. I was wrong, most students simply looked, touched and maybe squeezed the brightly colored balls and then continued onto the iPad activity.

If that’s not enough, Friendly Integration gives you a choice of 4 bags and cases (Lid, Satchel, Hard Case or Soft Sleeve) custom made to fit perfectly with your iBallz harness. From a unique hand held folding sleeve to a shock-absorbing Satchel with a padded shoulder sling each bag or case serves a different purpose to fit your individual needs.

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