Apps for Autism Highlights “You’re The Story Teller: The Surprise”

The Surprise
By: Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development


From The Developer

You’re the storyteller! In this beautifully animated, wordless story, the child watches each scene and can then record and/or write their very own narration!

There are 8 chapters in this story. Each chapter’s animation clips runs an average of 15 seconds, allowing the child to describe and retell the story in small increments. The user may replay the entire narrated story from beginning to end via the Table of Contents. You can also watch the original story with or without music accompaniment, email your story including the voice file, or print it out from your iPad!

From The Customer

It’s Monday morning, I’m late and have three students waiting for my arrival. Instead of panicking I pull out my iPad, open You’re The Storyteller app and begin my session.

You’re the Storyteller iPad app is a seemingly simple open ended app that lets the user target speech, language and/or social goals of up to 30 students (Pro version). Better yet, You’re the Storyteller provides prompts such as challenge words and questions for each chapter encouraging students stay on topic while recording and/or writing their rendition of the story.

As a speech-language pathologist I can use You’re the Storyteller to focus goals such as vocabulary, articulation, verbal sequencing, turn taking, perspective, labeling, describing and interpreting body/facial expression.

Occupational therapists can also use You’re the Storyteller to encourage keyboarding and problem solving skills.

All of my students have been highly motivated by the record feature, however may need some encouragement to produce the written portion.

Parents and caregivers love receiving their child’s story via email or in the backpack at the end of the day. “The Surprise” is the first story developed for You’re the Storyteller app. I hope there are many more to follow!

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