Apps For Autism- Six Excellent Apps For Your Teenager or Older Student Part 1

There has been a flood of quality apps and app developers since the release of the iPad just two short years ago. They have been an absolutely fabulous resource for educators, parents and fellow therapists. Our students and children have benefited in ways unimaginable. Thank you, developers and techies, for your hard work and dedication.

While a great number of apps are directed at younger students, there is also an abundance of age appropriate educational apps for your older students. I have compiled a list of some of the best motivational, educational and age appropriate apps for teens that have been successfully used across therapists, classrooms and campuses.

Some apps are new on the market and some have been with us from the beginning. The following 6 notable apps (or app sets) have all been helping students ranging in age from 13 – 22 of all abilities meet academic goals and increase life skills for a productive, happy life. Enjoy!

Functional Skill System      By: Convover Company


The Functional Skills System (FSS) is a series of 42 apps that feature video modeling and video sequencing of concepts, vocabulary, social skills, safety awareness and functional activities from hygiene and manners to money equivalence and safety signs. Most of the videos feature young adults and teens demonstrating basic skills at home, school, community and workplace environments.

One of my favorite FSS apps is Everyday Social Skills. With 6 categories and a total of 75 videos Everyday Social Skills ($.99) highlights daily activities such as using the restroom, waiting in line, asking questions or simply walking through the community using videos of real people combined with word(s) that coach the user with step-by-step instructions. And, since your iPad or iPod is portable, lessons can be taken out of the classroom and into the applicable environment to be practiced and mastered.

Take a look at the 4 free sampler apps to see if the Functional Skills System fits the needs of your students.
Click on the image

Literacy skills

Life Skills

Social Skills

Work Skills


SR-Naming       By:Speech Remedy


Build both expressive & receptive language skills as well as building vocabulary & word recognition. The user is presented with a clear, realistic photo and required to either verbally label a picture or receptively identify a written/spoken word from a field of pictures. Three levels of prompts, vocabulary selection, a help button that provides a phonemic cue and timing are features that can be modified and controlled to fit individual needs.

SR-Naming was originally designed for adults who are rebuilding speech and cognitive skills, however works very well for older students with special needs.

Expressive Language Sample Screen

Receptive Language Sample Screen


TherAppy Apps     By: Tactus Therapy Solution

$14.99-$24.99, $59.99 4 app combo

High quality real pictures that focus on a variety of language and literacy skills make this set of apps from Tactus a great choice for the older student with special needs.

Screen Shot

There are four individual apps that allow the user to focus on one specific area of need (comprehension, naming, writing and reading) and one 4-in-1 Combo app that pools them altogether into a single complete therapy toolkit. All apps feature built in prompt hierarchies, data tracking, sharing of progress via email and a child-friendly mode for the young-at-heart.

Writing TherAppy  $19.99

With 4 modes and 3 levels of difficulty in each, users have access to 12 different exercises to practice writing over 500 words + unlimited custom words!

Comprehension TherAppy  $24.99

Comprehension TherAppy is a professional speech therapy app that targets auditory and reading comprehension of single words with 4 language settings.

Reading TherAppy  $14.99

Hundreds of phrase- and sentence-level reading tasks based on the same functional vocabulary and clear photos as Comprehension, Naming, and Writing TherAppy! This app is an automated workbook that can be used with older children with special needs.

Naming TherAppy  $24.99

Naming TherAppy is the best-selling word-finding app to help older children with special needs practice important naming and description skills, and now you can add your own images!

Language TherAppy  $59.99

4 apps in 1! Comprehension, Naming, Writing, & Reading TherAppy are now together in one comprehensive speech therapy toolkit at a 30% discount to you!

Language TherAppy Lite  FREE

Not sure if TherAppy Apps are for you? Give them a try with Language TherAppy Lite it’s FREE.

A free trial of Language TherAppy, a 4-in-1 app combining Comprehension, Naming, Writing, and Reading TherAppy!

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