Apps For Autism- Six Excellent Apps for Your Teenager or older student Part 2

In the first part of this blog post I highlighted 3 of 6 apps; some of the apps come in sets of two or more. For the sake of this post I counted these sets as a single app simply because they can be used and have been used collaboratively and together make an all-inclusive tool kit.

Working with hundreds of students and alongside many SLPs, OTs and Educators, through time and many trials, together we’ve been able to compile a list of apps that tend to be effective with the majority of our students. Effective in that they are engaging and fun for the student while providing a means to achieve preset goals.

It gives me great satisfaction to be sharing these apps with you. Hopefully many of you find them as useful and effective as we have.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please make a comment.

SentenceBuilder Teen      By: Mobile Education tools


It can be a challenge to generate enthusiasm & interest for language and grammar lessons, however SentenceBuilder Teen has done just that. With 100 teen themed pictures, 3 levels of play and encouraging audio reinforcement the pursuit of language and literacy has become enjoyable.

Screen Shot

For the educator SentenceBuilder Teen is a welcome addition to traditional classroom curriculum that will support in class lessons and educational standards as the developers have made it a point to include the connector words that make up over 80% of the English language. Individual student progress and statistics page make it easy to monitor improvements in student’s performance.


Strip Designer      By: Vivd apps


Visual supports are an evidence based practice that provides individuals with autism structure for transitions, routines, communication, memory and social skills. However, no one said they had to be boring. Let your teens express themselves with this highly customizable app for creating unique and distinctive visual supports that match their one-or-a-kind personality.

Screen Shot

Strip Designer provides you with over 100 templates with 1-9 cells, text balloons, color/filter enhancements and plenty of stickers to fashion everything from a task analysis & daily schedule to communication & memory boards.

Once the masterpiece is complete, no matter how ingenious or cheesy it is, it can be saved to your photo album, emailed to friends & family or uploaded to your social network.


Learning structures      By: Uitgeverij OMJS


Have you ever been at a loss for activities, engaging lessons or just wanted something new to try with your students? Learning Structures contains over 50 activities categorized into “learning structures” to help you find the just right activity task suitable to the purpose of your lesson, duration, and group size.

Screen Shot

Each lessor or “structure” should be considered as a core idea that you can modify and build upon to fit the abilities and interests of your students.

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