Apps For Autism- 2 New & Noteworthy Communication Apps

Over the past two years apps & iPads have proven to be hugely beneficial to individuals on the autism spectrum. There are many well thought-out, research grounded (for individuals with autism) apps that have produced positive outcomes for our students. Unfortunately, there has also been a glut of apps that have come onto the market that are not research based or simply “copycats” of a successful app.

The good news is – There are two new outstanding communication apps that are research based with unique formats and features giving users high quality, distinctive choices for AAC.

Something to Say     By: Pebro Productions

$4.99 until August 1st, $9.99 regular price. Don’t wait get your copy of  Something to Say NOW

Text-to-Speech applications are fantastic AAC options for so many reasons, building literacy, giving the user the ability to say completely original thoughts and store these thoughts into folders for easy access.

Something to Say has created a method to group and store messages into folders that are simple, straightforward and appealing to all ages & abilities. Messages can be customized with choice of high quality “Acapela” voices. Messages are then stored into folders that can be customized with color, text and images.

Screen Shot

Folders are displayed prominently on the screen for easy access. A Recents list will let the user repeat a comment or phrase without risk of inadvertently deleting the message. Text-to-Speech, multiple folders at your fingertips and the ability to assign high quality voices to different messages makes Something to Say an superb AAC solution.


Functional Communication System     By: The Conover Company

$49.99–A keyboard for custom text entry is available as an
in-app purchase for $1.99, definitely worth it!

The Functional Communication System (FCS) can serve for both, communication and language building. Its unique design pairs a real picture with a video that supports or expands upon the picture. All picture, video and voice recordings are customizable. FCS comes with 500 core vocabulary words and videos to get you started, however, it is designed to be customized to the user’s individual needs, abilities and world.

Screen Shot

The in-app purchase for a high quality synthesized voice is absolutely worth the $1.99 if you are working with individual(s) on the spectrum. Research in voice preference indicates that individuals on the spectrum prefer a synthesized voice over a human voice; however, every individual is different. Having the option to choose type of voice output is a key feature for any great AAC app. Try the FREE version to make sure it is a fit before you buy.

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