Apps for Autism- Feature Matching Table For iPad Cases

What’s The Best Case for My Child

Choosing the right case to protect your iPad and let your child express their individuality is, in some ways, just as important as choosing the right applications. Individuals with autism are using iPads in many different environments and for purposes that are as individual at they are. Below is a feature matching chart that will help you decide what case is right for you.

Table 1 is an example using 5 great cases that have been great fits for my students with autism. At the end of this post there’s a link to download a blank table, use it to help you determine which case fits your particular needs.

Table 1


When considering cases for students with autism or any youngster it is a good idea to make sure it offers protection from drops and bumps. Cases should be able to absorb the shock of a drop as high as a desk as well as the occasional toss.

Spill Proof (indirect spills)

Some cases offer protection from spills by elevating your pad off the surface of a table or desk. By raising your iPad off the surface an area is created between the surface and the iPad this buffer allows spills to simply run off without making contact with the iPad; however, there is no protection from direct spills on the iPad itself. For added protection from liquid spills during messy activities such as lunchtime, place your iPad into a Ziploc plastic bag. There are several Waterproof cases available as well, but they are not recommended for everyday use, however.

Carrying Case

Individuals with autism often use their iPads as a means of communication and need to have it with them throughout their day. A carrying case can make the transportation of an iPad from place to place easy and stylish. Custom made carrying cases can provide extra protection from knocks and falls when traveling from place to place in your busy day.


When the iPad is meant to be used on a student’s desktop or table, then a sturdy stand is an important feature to consider. Stands that let the user adjust angle and move back and forth from landscape to portrait quickly and securely are highly desirable in the classroom environment.

There are hundreds of cases available for the iPad. I choose 5 to highlight that have kept my iPads safe and allowed my students accessibility; however, they are not the only cases appropriate for use for students with autism. Use the feature matching table to determine which iPad case is right for your child or student.

Download the Case Feature Matching Table Here
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5 thoughts on “Apps for Autism- Feature Matching Table For iPad Cases

  1. There are a couple good ones not listed. Trident Kraken. This case has a built in screen protector, the best drop protection, and wings making it easy to carry and G-Forms Extreme iPad Portfolio. This case is pricey but worth the cost. The case zips completely closed. I have dropped an iPad screen side down while the case was open and the iPad is perfectly fine. The case can zip all around to create an awesome stand. You will need to buy a screen protector though. When zipped this case is 100% spill proof and drop resistent. We currently own a G-Form case and previously owned a Trident Kraken and an Otterbox Defender, the latter two were for an iPad Gen 1.

    • Those are wonderful cases as well. Thanks for your input.

      The cases mentioned in the blog are some of the ones I have used and worked great for my particular purpose; these cases were used as an example in order to show case the feature matching chart.

      An empty chart that you can download was provided so that anyone considering the purchase of a case can list them and therefore, hopefully, by comparing features they can pick a case that fits their needs the first time around.

  2. Out of all the cases we have used in our school district the only one NOT to suffer an iPad casualty is the AMDI iAdapter. It is expensive at $250 but it provides solid protection.

    • Thanks for your input Brian.

      It’s worth mentioning that this case comes with: a clear screen protector, charging adapter and USB cable,shoulder strap, built-in dual amplified speakers, a rechargeable battery for the amplifier and a plastic stand for table top use.

      Also, the new iAdapter 2 has the following features: ,Upgraded Sound Quality!, Camera Slots for Front & Back Camera Lenses! and a
      Static On/Off Switch rather than the slide.

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