How to Get An iPad For Your Child

Grants, Fundraisers And More!

Over the past two years iPads have proven to be an essential tool in augmenting communication, language, literacy and life skills for students with autism. Unfortunately, not everyone who could benefit from an iPad has access to this wonderful device. Thank goodness there are many incredible people, groups and foundations that are making resources available for everyone to enjoy the benefits of having their own iPad.

Following is a list of websites that offer opportunities to acquire iPads, along with by tips on how to win grants and submit applications. Last, is a list of alternative means of procuring an iPad for your child or student on the spectrum.


Tips For Filling Out An Application

  1. Read and understand the guidelines before starting your application. Follow the guidelines carefully including deadlines and attachments to ensure your application does not end-up in the “round” file.
  2. Be very specific in describing your needs and goals. Remember to answer the 5 (wh) questions; who, what, when, where and why you need an iPad.
  3. Make sure all questions are answered, boxes are filled out, and spelling and grammar are checked. If possible have another set-of-eyes read your application for completeness and double check for errors.
  4. Don’t get discouraged if you do not receive the grant. Keep trying! Remember there are thousands of people trying to get grants and even the most well written applications do not always get funding. Send a thank you note and try again.
  5. If you do get the grant, send a thank you note, photos of the iPad in action and share how the iPad has helped your child or student.

What Else Can I do To Get An iPad?

  1. Website Fundraisers

  2. The following websites will let you set-up accounts so that family and friends can send love and donate funds to your specific campaign.

  3. School District
  4. Try contacting your local school district’s technology department. Most districts have iPad programs in place. If not then inquire about an evaluation for your student.

  5. Happy Holiday
  6. Ask friends and families to forgo the usual presents and give Apple/iTune gift cards for birthday, Christmas, holiday favors, etc. This adds up quickly and most students will have enough funds for an iPad and apps within 4-6 months.

  7. Local Community Groups
  8. Inquire about donations from local businesses, community or charity groups. Many local groups will help with community fundraising by having a pancake breakfast or rummage sale.

  9. Credit Card Points
  10. Many credit cards give points for dollar(s) spent. Points can be redeemed for an iPad or cash to purchase an iPad. Check with your credit card company to see if they double points on certain purchases (gas & groceries).

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