Introducing “Autism TodayTV”

Autism Today TV is a public service show dedicated to the 1.5 million families struggling to cope with the overwhelming effects of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) live better, happier lives; By providing up-to-date information on available resources, technology, products and research mixed with practical solutions for families and educators we sincerely hope to help individuals on the spectrum reach their full potential.

Information will be presented in a variety of formats including interviews, hands on demonstrations (in studio and on location), computer generated demonstrations and coverage of local events such as autism walks or autism friendly movies/productions/concerts.

Autism TodayTV hosts
Lois Brady, America Gonzalez and Thomas Todd

Co-hosts Lois Brady, America Gonzalez and Thomas Todd are a group of highly trained professionals, authors, developers and hands on educators that have been working with individuals on the spectrum for over four decades combined. Our goal in to inform, support and entertain our viewers as well as answer questions and interpret all the latest research regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We are very proud of our first episode which includes performing arts, iPad apps, safety tips and a delicious gluten free-casein free recipe from Chef Tom Dickinson. You can see all the episodes here

Please send in questions, comments, ideas and your stories for inclusion on Autism TodayTV by either leaving a comment at the bottom or filling out our contact form

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2 thoughts on “Introducing “Autism TodayTV”

  1. Lois, my presentation at ASHA in Nov. entitled: Autism: Three-word Phrases to Supported Conversations in 18 Months, would be an exciting and informative addition to one of your shows. I am in Northern Ca. I will be presenting this course again in April at the Arizona Speech and Hearing Assoc. convention. I am also in the process of creating a CEU online course with it.
    Congrats on all your work. I’ve been following you for a while. Let’s get together and chat. Nancy Horowitz Moilanen , M.A. CCC – SLP

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