Autism TodayTV Wins an Ursula Award

The Ursula Awards, this was the first annual film festival, a showcase for independent filmmakers and community access television producers hosted by Vallejo Community Access Television, VCAT. It presents an engaging and entertaining mix of filmmaking styles and talents from around the world, while offering an opportunity for local producers to showcase the diverse mix of community access productions.

Autism TodayTV was nominated as a finalist in the community service and education category by a group of judges. To know that our show was in fact reaching many families and making a difference in the community, gave us a great sense of gratification.

Director Gary B. Producer Lois Brady & Producer America Gonzalez at the Ursula Awards Ceremony 2012

To win the Ursula in recognition for excellence in community service and education made all the hard work and hours of trial and error well worth it. We are super excited about Autism Today TV and the support from the community both local and global.

It is our sincerest hope that we have educated, supported and entertained you, and we look forward to many more wonderful, exciting episodes to come.

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